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Social Emotional Learning

Thriving in Times of Crisis

Social Emotional Learning Support for Virtual
or Onsite Educators and Leaders

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Prevent Teacher Burnout

Self-Care & Self-Management

Understand The "Why"

Educators who are experiencing high levels of stress or trauma
look to IE for coping strategies

“It is so wonderful that self-care and social emotional learning are taking priority now.”

TeacherChaplin Elementary School, Connecticut

“Really enjoyed the session! Would recommend that other school districts use this for their staff.”

TeacherChicago Public School District 299

“It is important for us to discuss how to take care of ourselves and our colleagues. This will help guide us in the right direction to make school a better place for our students.”

PrincipalChaplin Elementary School, Connecticut

Preventing Teacher Burnout

Before the pandemic, teachers were burning out at a high rate with nearly half of new teachers leaving the profession within their first five years.¹ IE wants to partner with educators to help them manage stress, reach students, and drive performance goals and it starts with a preliminary call to customize a plan for you.

Principals who want to help retain teachers can start by helping them manage stress and build community. Teachers who learn the art of co-regulation for their teams and for students build synergy within their classrooms. By regulating emotions with positive shared energy, everyone concentrates, performs tasks, and confidently achieves goals at higher levels.

Building and Rebuilding Community Through an SEL Lens - PD

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Equip Me to Care for We

Self-Care [1 hour]Self-Care [1 hour]Participants learn 15 + coping strategies to manage stress and regulate their own emotions to promote co-regulation within classrooms and adult learning environments.
Self-Management [2 hours]Self-Management [2 hours]

SEL PD comes with coaching. Consider IE an extension of your arms.

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Thriving in Times of Crisis

Students are facing unprecedented trauma in the wake of pandemic-related school closures nationwide. Undoubtedly, many K-12 children have a plethora of needs, but IE’s science-based SEL professional development courses focus on helping you (the adult educators) first.  

By supporting yourself first, you will build and model a foundation of empathy and compassion for your students who are experiencing trauma. Concurrently, you open the lines of communication between school leaders, teachers, and students. 

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Our Research-Driven SEL Sessions Offer:

Adult SEL Focused

Addressing Trauma

Self-Care & Self-Management

Understanding Why

Coping Strategies

Co-Regulation Synergy

Team Building

Science Backed Tips

SEL That Focuses on Self-Care and Self-Management First

IE believes that steps forward, start with one step back to understand the personal “why” behind self-care and self-management. When we start with why we strengthen the relationship skills that are necessary for building and rebuilding equitable learning communities.

ME mirrors WE,” so it’s imperative to pour into ourselves first.  Learn and practice more than 15 strategies during our Self Care and Self-Management sessions and feel confident knowing these techniques are science-backed. 

Teachers appreciate their leaders for investing in their emotional and mental well-being and are more willing to drive state and district-mandated goals. They also have a better understanding of how to operate under stress and thrive instead of merely survive during crises.

Research from Penn State University found that for every $1 spent on social emotional learning initiatives, there is an $11 return on investment.² Successful SEL offerings integrate SEL principles into the total structure of the day and weave its principles into the curriculum with some states publishing explicit SEL policies and benchmarks for students.

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With more than 20 years delivering research-based PD, IE is an extension of your arms, helping you and your staff easily and efficiently manage stress so you can focus on improving core instruction that produces results.


KEY ROLES: Senior Content Specialist, SEL, Teacher, Literacy Coach, District Trainer, Curriculum Writer, National Mentor, Regional Instructional Coach, Leadership Advisor, Nationally Awarded Milken Educator

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